Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yesterday I did NOTHING.

Day 27

Yesterday I did NOTHING.  Well, maybe not NOTHING, I did go to the bathroom, brush my hair, feed children, wash some dishes, eat, change diapers, visited with my mother, jumped on the trampoline, pushed the kids on the swings, played a VERY long game of Parcheesi....  What is wrong with me?  I did a TON of stuff yesterday!

Being what my husband and I like to call a "Do-er" I have a really bad habit of defining myself by what I do. On many occasions, when Josh comes home and asks how my day went I will respond with, "I didn't DO anything today.  I was a bum."  To which he usually says, "Well, our children look clothed and feed, so you must have done SOMEthing."  What a great man!   God knows I need to hear that on a regular basis.

So, I guess what I mean to say is I didn't do anything too exciting yesterday.  Definitely nothing blog worthy, unless you consider me watching the movie The Devil Wears Prada blog worthy (such a good movie).  But, I promised I would write something every day for 30 days, so there you have it.  I had a nice relaxing day yesterday.  *phew*

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