Monday, July 23, 2012


Day 22

Imagine living in a house that had a kitchen that was 40 feet long and 20 feed wide.  Sounds good, right?  Well, maybe a bit big.  But imagine that in this kitchen the cabinets are on the west wall, the table is on the north wall, next to the stove, the trash can is in the south east corner, and the refrigerator is on the south wall.  Now take away the walls, and you got my "kitchen" set up mapped out perfectly!  HA!  Oh, except the depends on what I need the water for.  I have three sources.  The first source is the hose (which floats around the "kitchen").  We don't drink this water though because it tastes like rubber.  Very nasty.  We even tried using a super duper RV filter thingy that attaches to hoses, still disgusting!  The hose is used for filling up the buckets to wash dishes, cold showers, watering the garden and filling the kiddy pool.  On occasion it is also used for rinsing veggies or random things that fall on the ground and get dirty.  I also have a sink, which, going with the "map" theme here would be halfway between the "refrigerator" and the "stove" (aka- coolers and grill).  The faucet is very low though, and it's hard to fill things with it.  Usually we have to fill a bottle, and then use that bottle to fill other things.  We can rinse veggies in the sink, most times, but there is no real counter.  The kids usually rinse the veggies, one at a time, and bring it to me.  It keeps them busy anyway.  The 3rd water source comes from the sink, but we store it in bottles in the camper.  This is AJ's job.  I use the sinks to rinse veggies or my hands, but I have to pour the water from the bottle because when we hooked up the hose to the camper we got serious leakage under the camper.  It was dripping everywhere.  It was very hard to see where it was coming from too, so we gave up, figuring it was better for Josh to spend his time fixing the house, rather than the camper.

And there you have it.  :)  I get my exercise for sure!

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