Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Show Must Go On

Day 3

I woke up from a miserable night.  I mean MISERABLE!  But, I am thankful that we were dry.  If we had been in a tent, I don’t think we could have said as much.  Also, I am thankful that the kids slept through the whole ordeal. 

During the night there was a serious thunderstorm.  I heard later that it was the heaviest rain storm this area has seen in a while.  Whether that is true or not, it SOUNDED like the heaviest rain storm I could ever have imagined.  Now, that could only be because I was in a camper, and the rain pelting down on the roof was amplified, and reverberated through out the whole camper.  But, either way, it made for a very crazy night.  Josh was at work.  He told me later that he heard about the storm around eleven o’clock, and he almost called me, but he was afraid he would wake me up, and then I wouldn’t get any sleep for the rest of the night.  I can’t tell you what time it was when the lightening and thunder started, but it seemed to last a LONG time.  Of course, when you are lying in a pitch dark camper, listening to rain and thunder, it feels like a very long time.  Sometime during the night Abigail “woke” up.  I say “woke”, but I am pretty sure she was sleep walking, or something.  She said she had to go potty, and then preceded to pee on the floor of the camper, which is carpeted, just so you know.  Oh, and my right tennis shoe happened to be in the line of fire.  Enough said.  So, I sent her out to the kiddy pool and told her to rinse off.  Hey, I was sleep deprived.  Plus, she doesn’t remember any of this, so I am safe from the title of worst Mother of the year.  I stripped her down, and sent her to the pool, not once but three times.  She kept coming back and she wasn’t wet.  So I would send her back, and she would come back with a confused look on her face.  Looking back it was quite comical….really.  Finally she is gone for something like 30 seconds, and I start to wonder where she is.  So I peek out the window, and she is squatting in the pool, shivering.  So I yell for her to come back to the camper.  I dry her off.  Give her lots of hugs and kisses, and tuck her back in bed.  Hopefully none of you are calling the Child Protective Services at this very moment.

So, after a horrible night, we had a lovely breakfast in the camper.  It was Josh’s last night of work, so he stayed up and tinkered with stuff in the house and camper, trying to get things done.  Then he succumbed to sleep, and passed out in the camper, while I headed to the Library with all the kids.  When we got back Josh was in the camper, and literally had beads of sweat all over his body!  I seriously think if I had not come home he would have been cooked to death in the camper.  I had forgotten to put the air conditioner back on.  It was on low fan.  It must have been near 100 degrees.   Praise the Lord I came home when I did.  Of course, classic Josh, I come in, make sure he is alive, turn on the AC, and he just stares at me, blinking.  Hmmm…we know where Abby gets it now.

Dinner was a show all its own.  Maybe I should call up CBS and ask them if they want to do a show of our life right now.  Could make some money, right?  Anyway, it took 3 days for me to remember my trusty ole’ crock pot.  I plugged that thing in, heated up some sausages, and then dug out the camping stove, and cooked sliced carrots, garlic, butter and salt!  YUM!  So, you ask, what kind of show is that?  Well, it’s all in WHERE everything was located.  I had the crock pot in the camper, and the stove on the east side of the house.  The camper is on the west side of the house.  With this kind of set up you think I would have gathered everything I needed and took it all at once to the stove.  Nope!  First I took the carrots.  Then I went to the house for the butter.  Then I went to the camper for the garlic, but I had enough sense to grab the garlic press while I was there, but not the spoon.  Then I went back for the spoon.  Then I went back for the pot holder.  By this point I am sick of walking back and forth, and I turn off the stove, and leave the lid on, and tell Josh to bring it to the camper when he is done mowing the lawn.  I had hoped it was cooked enough/ hot enough to keep cooking.  I was wrong.  So, we ate half cooked carrots.  Thankfully I used a whole stick of butter.  We ate dinner in the camper, with strawberries for desert!  Delicious! 

We then had a delightful visit from some friends we now have the privilege of calling neighbors- when you live in the middle of no where you can call friends that live 2 miles down the road neighbors.  Trust me.  They lent us a mini fridge!  Ta da!  Now we can stop the cooler show!  Phew!  Thanks again neighbors!  Of course, these are the same neighbors my husband mentioned “having over”.  Really?  I said, “Have over where, honey?”  Maybe they can bring their camper over, and we can have a party?  Maybe they would enjoy the show!


  1. Wow - what a night! I kept thinking how it will make you all the more grateful for the house once it's done. It * does * seriously sound like an adventure. And it just goes to show that there isn't much in this life that can't be fixed (or at least seriously improved) by a stick of butter.

    1. Butter does rock, there is no doubt about that. But it is not as nearly as awesome as you! <3