Saturday, July 7, 2012


Day 7

Today I feel like ranting.  I apologize in advance to any of you who have front loader washing machines and love them.  To each their own.  But me?  I HATE them, with gusto!  I have never had a good experience with them.  Today I hung all my clothes on the line to dry.  Yesterday I went to the new and fancy Laundromat to wash all the clothes at once.  They had really big machines that did 4 loads in one.  It cost me five dollars to do one of the huge machines, and $2.75 for each of the two regular size front loaders, which is supposed to hold two loads worth.  I had a lot of laundry to do!  I even made sure to leave the 4 or 5 inches from the top that they suggest.  When all was said and done my clothes were anything but clean!  I was terribly disappointed!  I spent $10.50, and I can’t say that a single item was cleaner than what a normal old school washing machine does.  Pathetic.  I am so irritated at those stupid machines. 

I have had previous experiences with front loaders.  I borrowed my uncle’s really nice front loader washing machine, with matching dryer.  I could wash three times the amount of clothes at once, which was great, but if I did not get to the washer the minute it was done, and I am not exaggerating, the clothes got stinky.  They had that smell that your towels can get when you leave them in the washer over night, or for more than 12 hours; not mildewy, but close.  More of a musty smell, really.  It drove me crazy.

My mother’s front loader would also do the same thing, but not as bad.  I could get to it with in an hour or so and the clothes would be fine.  My sister has had problems with her front loader, but she might say it was that brand of washer she had.  I have gone to the Laundromat before and had similar problems.  I just HATE them.

There really is nothing more annoying than spending time, energy and money on something, just to have to do it over again.  NO! THANK! YOU!  I didn’t wash them again.  But I really wanted to.

Well, now that I am done ranting about that, let me move on to the hilarious part of the day.  I mean laughing so hard there were tears in my eyes, part of the day!  Here is the shower Josh rigged me!

Isn’t he awesome?!?!?!  I am so happy to have this!  I got my first real (if you can call this a real) shower in a week.  Of course it was freezing cold, but I didn’t mind!  It was worth it.  And actually it wasn’t cold at all at first.  We have a spray nozzle on the hose for the garden, and it works really well as a shower.  The coolest thing about the hose is, after a few hours in the sun the water is really hot, at first.  So, I tried to use it sparingly, but by the end of the shower it was freezing!

So, that’s not the hilarious part.  Over the course of the week I have used the hose to clean up several times.  Each time Josh just shakes his head at me.  Josh, on the other hand has been using baby wipes.  Not a big deal when he just cleans up for bed, and then goes back to working on the house.  But, he had to go to work tonight.

Every so often, during the last week, I would offer to help him “shower” with the hose, and each time he looked at me like I was crazy.  Today I told him he was going to have to use the new shower he jimmy-rigged.  He gave me a look that said he knew I was right, but he wished I wasn’t.  I told him that the water would be nice and hot from sitting in the hose all afternoon.  This seemed to give him some encouragement, but not much.  Well, about 20 minutes before Josh is going to get cleaned up for work, I come out of the camper and see Abby watering her “garden”.  I suck air, and then get her to stop.  She feels horrible, and now I get to tell Josh that his hot water is all gone.  Then comes shower time.  I just have to say that I have NEVER laughed at my husband as much as I did today, EVER!  It was the funniest thing I have EVER seen!  I so wish I had recorded it!  Seriously!  The look on his face as he got in that cold water, and sounds he made as he tried to wash up quick and get out just brought tears to my eyes.  I can’t even describe to you.  But, he did sound a lot like a little girl!  I am laughing even now, writing about it.  I will never forget it!  It was awesome.  Of course he hated it, and since I was in charge of holding the nozzle, and at times I couldn’t even hold it still because I was laughing so hard, I don’t think he was very happy with me.  But, after all was said and done, he was clean, and he eventually got warm.  So it was a success in my book!

Oh, and here is a picture of our camper.  :)

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  1. Poor Josh! That is awesome that you guys have a shower now though! Seriously, how "HANDY!" :)