Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bath Time

Day 15

Finally, littlest A got a real bath today.  I had been wiping her down with baby wipes every night.  But, this morning we stuck a Rubbermaid tub in the sun and filled it with water.  By the afternoon it was  warm not cold any more.  So, I took a few pitchers full, filled the sink in the camper, and got down to business.  My eldest took this photos!  I am so glad to have another photographer in the family!

Let's do this thing.

I'm going to be cleeeeeaaaannnnnn!!!!!!

Those darn neck rolls!

This is kind of fun.

WHOA!  Did you see where she just put that rag?

Mom, my neck is clean already.

I just farted.

I must be cute if you keep taking all these pictures.

Do I remind you of anyone?

Whoops!  Mom, I slipped!

There you are mom.

My mom is the coolest.

I  mean, look at her.  She obviously adores me.

And what's not to adore?

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