Thursday, July 12, 2012

5he Katie to the rescue

Day 12

I usually post at night, but I couldn’t wait.  Last night was another horrible night and Josh and I both woke up and had to practically hold our eye lids up so we could see, we were so tired.  So, I broke into my stash of 5he, (aka: 5 hour energy).  It took about 5 minutes to start to work, and here is the affect it had:

(He drank a WHOLE bottle.)

(I drank half of a bottle.)

So, bring on the day!  It's a busy one, and I am ready for it!  (If I could just get off of Facebook and email.  5he gives me tons of energy, but it also makes me supper lovey dovey, and I want to email all my friends, and comment up and down facebook!)

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