Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Day 11

Right before I went to bed last night a very large wasp appeared out of no where, in the camper.  My biggest fear was not killing it on the first try, and it stinging all the kids in their sleep.  It landed on the window shade, and I inched closer and closer until I was right on top of it with a booklet.  Then I pressed with all my might and heard the crunching, and still was not satisfied.  I pressed down some more.  I finally brought the booklet down from the window, and there was the wasp, more than an inch long.  He didn’t look very squished.  If I would have been in a house, with a working bathroom, I would have flushed him, just to make sure.  Instead, I dumped him in the trash, and tied up the trash bag (even though I had just taken the trash out, and it was pretty much empty), and took a deep breath and tried to convince myself that he was dead, and would  not be tearing open the bag to sting me in my sleep.  After I was done convincing myself of that, I tried to convince myself that he had gotten in through the door 4 hours earlier, and just now appeared, instead of climbing in through some hole in the camper, and bringing a bunch of friends with him, who were planning their attack at that very moment.  I am happy to say there were no more sightings!

Tonight I played hide and seek with the kids.  I thought you would be interested in how my kids play hide and seek, because it cracks me up!  First of all, only my eldest seems to have the patience to hide in this game.  Little princess and little dude have developed their own little sing song code to help people find them.  (Like we need help, ha!)  I was the first to count, and only seconds after saying, “Ready or not, here I come,” little dude alerts me to his ware bouts by fake whistling (I think).  I wish I could accurately describe the sound!  It’s like “you who” but not.  And it sounds like they are trying to make whistling sounds with words.  It’s the best I can do, sorry.

After finding him, he leads me to his sister, and then she leads me to her big brother, who is mad that he has been ousted.  So we try again.  This time little dude counts, and it goes something like this: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ready or not here I come.”  Except try reading it as fast as you can, slurring the words together.  Despite the quick count, everyone manages to hide.  He finds Abby, who is adamant that he cheated, because she wasn’t ready.  She then shows him where I am, and then we hunt around for Aaron together.

Next is the eldest.  He too counts as fast as he can, making it to thirty then screaming at the top of his lungs, “READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!”  Now, he has played this game with his little sister a few times to know that she always hides in his last hiding spot!  LOL (FOR REAL)!!!  And then of course she tells him where little dude is, and then they come hunting for me.  Abby comes around the corner of the camper and I whisper, “Oh no you don’t!” and grab her and put my hand over her mouth.  She is giggling.  I try to out smart the eldest by sneaking around to the front of the camper while he goes around to the back and it back fires.  He finds me.

And now it is little princess’ turn.  The baby wakes up at this point, so I go into the camper to get her, and she finds me when I come out. 

Then I take another turn.  I count to thirty, yell, “Ready or not here I come,” and then I hear Abby’s sing song whistle of "you who," and head towards the sound of her voice.  I can’t find her though.  So then, I decide to yell, “Marco.”  To which Aaron responds with, “Pollo!”  And I find him!  HAHAHA!  He looks confused, and then I tell him that’s a different game.  Kudos to mom!  Andrew is hooting for me, so we find him, and then all search for Abby.  I can’t find her, anywhere, even though she did her little hooting thing.  Then out she pops from the bathroom, very pleased with herself, and her ability to trick us.  She had been in the thick trees on the side of the house, and when I went past her, she snuck out because she had to go potty. 

We play another round, so everyone gets another turn.  It goes about the same.  It was quite enjoyable, I must say.  My kids are ridiculously cute!  And to think if I would have been in a house, instead of a camper, I might have missed the chance to play it all together.  Living in the camper has forced me to be outside with the kids more.  Normally I love the outdoors, but with a new baby and bugs, I don’t go out much.  But I can lay the baby in the camper, turn on the baby monitor, and be good to go.  I am very thankful!

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