Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My New Neighbor

Day 24

So.....I have this neighbor.  She is AWESOME....but very different from anyone I have ever met.  I love her to pieces already, but I got to thinking about it tonight, and I realized that God gave me the perfect neighbor, for me.  I know a lot of you may be surprised by this, but I am SHY, at first.  Really.  I have self esteem issues (what woman doesn't) and it is very hard for me to make the first move in friendships.  And then there is the whole social protocol, which I am always wondering if I failing miserably.  With neighbors the anxiety I feel increases two fold.  Do I make the first move, or do they?  Do I cross the imaginary boundary line between our properties, or do they?  And then there's the generational gap, and the four very energetic children who will talk anybodies ear off, if I let them.  And then there is the giant Elephant in the backyard- I am living in a camper, cooking, cleaning and showering outside in my back yard.

Of course, God knows all of this.  He knows my weaknesses, and my insecurities.  He could have given me a neighbor who was my age, and looked like she had her life all together (which is how I imagine all woman my age).  He could have given me an elderly woman with a sour expression, and condemning eyes.  But no.  My merciful and all knowing God gave me Ms. P!  The kids lover her, and I love her.  She has brought me fresh bread from the oven, freshly picked raspberries, thimble berry jam, and lots of good advice.  She laughs at everything, and finds my kids quite amusing.  Tonight Abby had her arms around her neck, and was whispering something about how much she liked her.  She always encourages the kids to help their "mama".  She comes on over anytime she seems me in the backyard, and we chat.  She is a wonderful blessing!  I have never met anyone like her.  She is definitely a Yooper (accent and all), and I can't wait to get to know her even more!

With all that I have going on, and how weird my life seems right now, it is so comforting to know that I don't have a neighbor who is sitting on the other side of the "boundary line" judging me, or thinking I am weird.  HA!


  1. Oh what a blessing! I have a wonderful Grandma neighbor too!

    1. Oh yeah! That is so awesome. It's so nice! :)