Saturday, July 21, 2012

Flies & More Flies

Day 21

I can not even begin to imagine what it would have been like in Egypt during the plague of flies, but I can believe that it was complete torment.  We have successfully managed to keep the mosquitoes and biting flies at bay.  There are a few random bites, but nothing like when we first moved out here.  The one thing we have NOT conquered is the fly!  The common ole' house fly!

We have been tempted to buy one of those screened in pop up gazebo type things.  They just love to be around us when we are eating, which I would take as a compliment to my cooking if I didn't see them swarm around fecal matter and other such things!

They quite frequently find their way into the camper as well.  The door system to get into the camper is not the best.  And with that and the 4 children I have under the age of 8, you can see why.  These flies are persistent little buggers!  Bugs are gross.  Yeah, we all know that, but it is convenient that most bugs stay out of eye sight.  But these flies seem to find enjoyment in tormenting the human race, or at least my FACE!

A few days ago, I piled the left over food from our breakfast meal onto a plate, and I set it aside to go inside to look for something to put it in.  At home I did this often, with no problem.  Well, when you cook and eat in the great out doors, this is NOT a good idea.  I repeat, NOT a good idea.  I came back to the plate not even 5 minutes later to see it COVERED with flies.  I mean COVERED!  Ugh!  I can tell you with conviction that it hasn't happened again, and it WON'T happen again.  *shudder*

Well, this morning guess what I awoke to!  A fly!  That's right.  A nasty little fly decided to perch it's nasty little body on MY head, over, and over, and over, and over!  NOT COOL!  Of course, I wasn't fully conscience at first.  It didn't take long.  Soon I had littlest A's head and mine under the blanket.  I think this is the worst way to wake up.  There might be one way that is worse.  Maybe Eldest A throwing up on my head, as he is falling out of his bed, and landing on me and the pile of throw up.  Yeah, that is the ONLY thing that would be worse.  ;)

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