Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Day 10

Today I packed everything I needed for the day into a laundry basket, and headed outside.  Yesterday I did not do this, and ended up coming in and out of the camper all day.  The door to the camper is so loud, and Josh was trying to sleep.  I felt so bad.  So, today, I tried to get it all at once, and get out, so Josh could get some sleep.  It took me an hour!  Sheesh!

I spent some time reading my Bible for the first time since we moved here.  I couldn’t figure out where I put it for a few days.  It’s one of those times where you stick something some where so you won’t forget where you put it, and then you forget where you put it.  Another SHEESH!

A big chunk of my morning was spent washing lettuce.  Does anybody else find this task a bit over whelming?  I am trying to figure out the best way to go about this, and I am not having much luck.  Although I have learned what NOT to do, and that is good.  I think the first few times I harvested lettuce; I just stuck all the lettuce plants, roots (and dirt) and all in the sink, and then tried to wash it.  A big no, no!

I have a hard time enjoying lettuce from my own garden.  I have found things in my salads that would make even a person with a strong stomach want to vomit.  I have found parts of caterpillars, whole spiders-big and small, and any time something crunches I am just sure I am eating sand.  Ugh!  So, even when I do a good job of getting it clean, and have no weird crunches or other things, I still can’t enjoy it like I would if I bought lettuce from the store.  Sheesh.

I played soccer with the kids this afternoon.  I think this was the first time little dude has ever had a crack at kicking a soccer ball.  It was so cute to see him running around trying to kick the ball.  Eldest A has gotten really good at kicking the ball where he wants it to go.  Little Princess, on the other hand, a bit of a whiner when things don’t go her away, and that goes for any sport.  We played catch after we were done with soccer, and she got “hit” with the ball, and could hardly handle it.  Is she my daughter?  Sheesh.

We ate our first organic watermelon today.  I was totally UNDER whelmed.  It was tasteless.  But the kids didn’t know any better, they gobbled it all up.  It was cold, and a bit refreshing, but so is water.  Sheesh.

On a super positive note, I LOVE BRAWTWURSTS!!!!!!!!!!  SERIOUSLY!  Nothing tastes as good as pig flesh in a animal stomach casing!  No siree!  MMMMM!  And when you grill them they are even better!  It like multiplies the flavor, and it is just bursting from the casing!  My mouth is watering this very minute.  I am pretty sure that more than half of my birthdays celebrate since I have been married have included bratwursts.  And this is a gooooooooooooooood thing!  Up here they have a company that makes brawts and bologna and other pork products called Vollwerth’s.  They make a bratwurst that is basically natural seasonings and pig.  It is so good!

I think the coolest thing about this move has been our NEED to buy brawts!  SERIOUSLY!


  1. Two words: Salad-Spinner. Has completely revolutionized my salad washing experience. Sometimes I see them at thrift stores (not sure why thought because I LOVE mine!).

    1. I have a salad spinner, but it doesn't wash the lettuce for you, does it? I haven't been using it, because it would be another thing to clean. I just let it drip dry in a colander....But maybe I should get it out again....

  2. Mmmm, pig meat! :) How is the house coming along? I can't remember if you guys have a "deadline" in mind? I'm guessing by winter?

    1. LOL fr! Yes, winter is a must. Right now I just want a bathroom. I could handle living in this camper for months and months if I just had a working SHOWER, with WARM WATER! :) So yeah, no real dead line. ASAP on the bathroom. He is just about done with all the wiring, then he can start getting the bathroom done. His parents are coming to visit a mouth from today, he hopes to have the bathroom done, and a room down stairs for them to sleep in done. He hopes to get MORE than that done, but that is the minimum.