Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Blah Day

Day 14

This morning I woke up with a jolt, and realized I had nothing in a near proximity to eat for breakfast.  Nothing.  So, off we went to the store and farmers market.  I picked up some bananas at the store, and the kids had bananas for breakfast.  I was planning on making eggs when we got home, but it was 10:30 when we got home; time to start thinking about lunch. 

I then began the painstaking task of cleaning, peeling, chopping and slicing beets for lunch.  This, my friends, is a labor of love, plan and simple.  I hate beets.  Josh hates beets.  The only ones who like beets are the kids.  And since they are so good for them, I cook them.  The bright pink lips (not to mention pee) are just bonuses! 

In the middle of all the beet prep, my wonderful neighbor came over with a loaf of fresh, hot bread.  She had given us some thimble berry jam a few days before that, so I pulled that out, and we had bread and jam with our fried beet leaves (which I do like), and I saved the actual beets for dinner.  Phew.

By this time I am so hot and sweaty that I can barely stand it.  I try to avoid hanging out in the camper, as a general rule.  But today, I caved.  I loaded the kids in, and we watched movies with the AC blowing on us. 

And then the day was pretty much shot after that.  I blame the 14 nights of hardly any sleep.  I just had no motivation to do anything.  I did manage to get a chicken in the crock pot, and then we had beets and zucchini and yellow squash for dinner (not mixed together though).

And then came the inevitable male/female mix up.  It was one of those times where I REALLY wish I had just kept my mouth shut.  I don't know about you, but am constantly wondering what Josh is thinking about.  In fact, as an example, right before bed Josh was outside washing dishes, kind of staring off into space a bit. My first thought was, "What is he thinking about?"  And then I almost heard his voice in my head say, "Washing dishes."  It is so crazy to me to think that guys can just think about one thing at a time.  I am constantly thinking about ten different things.  So, he said something, and I assumed he meant it this way, when he didn't.  And then instead of dropping it, like a should have, I got all worked up, and then I kept trying to figure out what I was so upset about.  (I am pretty sure he was too.)  Finally I let it go, and then I wanted to just hit my head against the wall.  I told Josh that I was sure it was do to the lack of sleep and the constant stress and pressure.  Apparently he felt bad for me, because he stopped whatever he was working on in the house, and washed dishes (by far THE WORST part about living in a camper with out plumbing) and he helped bathe the children, and cleaned up and put things away outside.  *huge sigh of relief*  But then I started to feel guilty.  *exasperated sigh*

I think today was one of the hardest days, believe it or not.  The newness has worn off.  Maybe even a bit of the adventure too.  It was just an average day, and I was just tired, and worn out.  I don’t think it would have come at such a surprise if I had expected it.  But now thinking back, I am wondering, what did I think would happen?  Did I really think I was super woman and could just keep going with out sleep or a break.  Sheesh!

So this is me cutting myself some slack.  It’s hard work.  


  1. I can't imagine all that you are going through or are experiencing, so I don't type these words lightly. However I am cleaving to them as well..... "His strength is made perfect in our weakness." I am praying that you would be filled up with Him when you are completely empty of yourself.

    1. Thank you so much! I WILL cleave to them! :)