Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weeds or Flowers

     Day 2

Today we explored a bit of the town we now call home.  It was very entertaining, even though the three year old started whining about his feet being tired about a block from home.  We met the neighbor behind us.  She was very friendly, and told the kids they were free to roam in her back yard.  They were totally stoked about that! 

While I was out and about I was noticing what different neighbors have done with their homes.  For those of you who don't know, the town was a mining town, and all the houses in town look one of two ways- either they are single homes, tall and skinny, or duplexes.  Some still look like two families live in them.  Others have been remodeled to be one family homes, like ours.  We have torn out all the inside walls that aren't needed, and the extra stair case, but the outside still looks the same.  So, I was taking mental notes of what people have done.  Some have turned the extra door into a bay window.  Very good idea!  I love bay windows.  Others have extended it out and turned it into an enclosed porch.  And then others have put one door in the center and then added a big porch/deck!  I love that idea!  Also, some have added attached garages, and other back deck/porches.  I love those ideas as well.  Josh and I are very interested in a garage!

On our tour of the town, we came across a little fitness "station".  It also had a set of swings and a few other things for the kids.  I am kind of excited about this little park.  I hadn't expected to find anything like that in town.  We also found out that there will be a big 4th of July parade on Wednesday in a town a few miles from us.  We might have to check that out!  On the way home from our tour, the kids started picking me "wild flowers" (aka weeds).  None of them were that beautiful on there own, but once they were all put together, they made such a beautiful bouquet! 

After lunch I took the kids to the Library.  While we were there my youngest little boy had to use the potty.  The Library has a little kids bathroom right by the kids section, SO HANDY!  He pooped, and the reason I knew that was because he started to yell at the top of his lungs, "Mooooooommmmmyyyyyyyyy, I pooped!"  One of those moments when every one is looking at you and you just smile, and laugh to yourself.

The evening ended up being pretty muggy and very hot!  We finally got out the little kiddy pool and filled it with water.  VERY COLD WATER.  This turned into bath time, when I pulled out the baby wipes, and wiped the kids down.  After I got them all cleaned up and watching a movie in the camper, I jumped in with my clothes on.  Cooled down, "washed up", and got out feeling rather refreshed.

Right before I went to bed I was thinking through the day, and think about all that had happened, the good with the bad, and I realized, that the day was it's own sort of bouquet.  Each individual event really didn't hold much beauty of its own, but everything together did end up making something beautiful.  It reminded me of my trip to Kenya.  While I was there for 6 months, the missionaries I stayed with told me that even though it seemed hard, and difficult, and not as wonderful as we may have imagined it to be, that in a few years when we would look back on it, we would remember the trip with fondness.  And they were right.  I look back to that trip with great appreciation and happiness.  But it WAS hard.  And it's not like I just don't remember the hard things.  I do remember them, but it was a part of something, something that had a significant impact on my life, and something I would never trade for anything!

So, I am sure, that this experience, in turn, will be its own wonderful memory.  Getting through each day seems to be a challenge now, but I keep telling myself that it is the beginning of something beautiful, and not to over analyze each specific event of the day, but to take it as a whole.  Because my kids will.  For sure they will; and so will I.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! And cool that it brought on memories of Kenya. I can't wait to see what you guys do with your extra door!

    1. I know! I can't wait till we get to the part where I get some say in what is going on, and I can pick stuff out! I am DYING to go pick out paint! Maybe you should come visit me when it is time to paint so you can help me! <3