Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Day In the Life of Little Dude

Day 23

Hi!  My mom calls me little dude because I am so cute.  I know I am cute, and I use this to my advantage.  I also like to make friends with random people I see in restaurants and stores.  I can say lots of big words, but for some reason I can't blow air out of my nose.

Today was like any other day.  I woke up, dug through my duffel bag for some clothes, then slid down out of the bed.  My toes can't touch the edge of the couch yet, but I point them really hard, and keep inching my way down, trusting they will hit the edge.

My mom asks me to help her a lot.  I am a big boy, you know.  I got to put my little sisters hat on her head.  It didn't quite work right.  I kept getting it in her eyes.  My little sister was on my mom's back, in the backpack carrier, and my mom couldn't reach her to put her hat on, so I did it.

While I was helping mom make breakfast I made a really funny joke.  Well, at least I thought it was hilarious.  I asked mom if I could crack eggs.  She said not until I was a little older.  So I asked her if I could crack eggs when I was five.  She said probably.  Then I asked her if I could crack eggs when I was a grown up.  She laughed at me and said of course.  I ran off to tell my big brother and sister my clever joke.  They ran from me, and ignored me.  They do this a lot.  I am not sure why.  My mom thinks it is because I talk all the time.

I got to stir the scrambled eggs while they were cooking.  I like to pretend I am a cook in a restaurant when I get to do this.  I also like to tell stories.  I make up all kinds of things.  My mom says I have the craziest imagination.  Today I told her about a dream I had about Batman and me.  In my dream Batman gave me all of his cool stuff, and I got to fight the bad guys.

My big brother was trying to scary me again.  He told me about a monster.  But I said, "Monsters don't exist, remember?"

My mom found another piece of junk in the backyard.  She always finds things.  I don't know why she calls them junk though.  I think they are awesome.  This time she found a wrestling dude!  I call him Popeye the Sailor Man.

I got a Captain America mask for my birthday from my Auntie and Uncle!  I love it.  I put it on today and showed my little sister.  I told my mom that I thought she was saying (in a high pitched voice), "Ooooooo!  Captain America!"

We have a wood deck with a ramp.  It is kind of old, and my mom says it needs to be painted or stained or something.  I like to slide down the ramp.  My mom hates it when I do it.  She says I will get splinters in my stomach, or my legs.

My big brother and sister are awesome.  They play the coolest games, and I try to play too.  Sometimes they are so nice, and let me.  Other times they tell me I am being too silly.  We also like to dance and wrestle.  Sometimes we start off dancing and end up wrestling, with me on the ground.

Our new house is so cool.  I keep asking if I can walk through it and look at everything.  It is a mess right now.  I am also a bit of a clutz, and I keep tripping on the step into the house.  I also can't reach the door knob to the house, so when I have to go potty, and the door is closed I start crying and screaming for help.  My big brother or sister usually come and save the day.  I love them.

I get to help wash dishes too!  My mom fills three square tub bucket things with water, and she puts bleach in the last one.  Then she washes them, and my brother and sister and I get to rinse and then sanitize them, and then stack them in the dish drainer.  We don't do this every day though, like we probably should.  My mom hates doing, so she usually puts it off as long as possible.  Then we have a huge pile of dishes to do.  My dad felt bad for my mom, so he bought her some more paper plates.  She hates using paper plates and bowls and stuff.  I think it is because they blow away in the wind, but daddy thinks it is because she doesn't like to waste stuff.

Tonight my big brother and sister and I tried to sleep like lions in our bed up top.  We piled on top of each other, and shut the curtain.  Mom caught us, though.  She made us sleep in our spots.  Mommy knows best, I guess.

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