Sunday, July 8, 2012

It Just Got Worse

Day 8

Well, it’s not like life is hard enough as it is.  A bug had to go and bite me IN MY BELLY BUTTON!  I mean seriously.  I have never had a bug bite in my belly button before.  I am racking my brain this morning, trying to figure out how a bug even got close enough to my belly button to bite me when Josh reminds me of my new out door shower.  Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Little stinker.  Of course, it took me a whole 24 hours to even realize I had a bug bite.  I was seriously wondering if I was pregnant or something, because I kept wanting to scratch my belly.  It was ridiculous.  Finally I have the sense enough to look, and sure enough there is a big ole’ bite in there.  Stinkin’ bug!  Bring on the distractions!  Thankfully today, there were plenty.

Littlest A had her first swim today!  The river water was not cold!  I was so surprised!  You notice I said, “not cold” instead of warm.  I still wouldn’t call it warm, but I was able to walk into it, and not shriek.

My husband bought me a bug zapper racket type thing.

Josh is the Little Gadget King, I tell you.  I know most of you ladies out there will call me nuts, but my husband has a do not buy list for me.  I made it for him.  He is a gift giver, and as such, likes to lavish gifts on me.  I am too practical for most of the gifts he wants to buy me.  On this list are the following: jewelry, chocolates, appliances.  Yup, appliances.  Apparently I need to change that from appliances to gadgets!  This bug zapper is not quite an appliance, but it should have been on the do not buy list!   The only positive thing I have to say about it is it’s PINK!  In order to prove to my husband that I am right, and it was a waste of money I have been trying to use it for the last two days.  I have killed ONE bug.  That’s it.  And I am almost sure the bug was stuck on something, and couldn’t have gotten away anyway.  Eldest A keeps telling me I am just too slow, and I should give it to him to try.  Yeah right, like I am going to give my 8 year old something that can ZAP things!!!  I can just see it now, “Mom!!!  Big brother told me to put my finger in the bug zapper!”  Or even worse, “Mom!!!!  Big brother hit me in the head with the bug zapper, and now my hair is on fire!”  I DON’T think so dude!

I think I might give Josh the zapper and ask him how many bugs he can zap.  That might help my cause.  But, then again, it might back fire.  He could kill tons of bugs, and then I will look incompetent. 

The one really cool thing I noticed today is the lack of mosquito bites my kids have been getting.  We used an all natural “fogger” from OFF! brand and it seemed to work really well.  I “fogged” about three days ago, and it has rained twice, and still no mosquitoes.  It was $6 at Wal-Mart, and if it keeps them away for a week or more, it will be worth it.  It has lemon grass oil.  I am wondering if I could just plant lemon grass in my yard and it have the same affect, which could be awesome! 

Well, my belly button is itching, and it is getting late, so I can’t think of an end to this blog post.  Hopefully I am tired enough to fall asleep, and not be kept awake by my inconvenient bug bite.  Stinkin’ bug!

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