Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Day 73

What is it with my kids and my feet?  Am I the only one that seems to have magnetic feet?  Or is it a mom thing?  It never fails, I am standing talking to another adult and one of my kids comes up to me, and stands on my foot.  When I walk down the isle of the grocery store, and one of my kids happens to be pushing a cart, I can't help but look behind me every two seconds.  I am just sure they are going to ram the cart into  my heels.  Today, while I was at the Library, I started walking, and at that same moment someone stepped on the back of my flip flop, which caught me totally off guard, I lost  my balance, and almost stumbled.  I was holding a baby, so that didn't help the whole balance thing.  Shortly after, I am reading a book to one or two of my kids, and other kid comes along and stomps on  my foot as they try to climb up to sit by me.  OH!  And then there is the toddler trying to see better that thinks the one or two inches he or she will gain from my foot is worth the risk.  Thankfully Little Dude has grown out of that one.

If anything the camper has magnified this problem.  There is not much floor space in the camper, and to make matters worse, the camper is at an angle.  One kid or other is stumbling onto my foot at one time or other.  It's like they are unable to look where they put their feet.  I suppose I was the same way, when I was young.  There must be some sort of brain development going on here.  Their little brains are learning that when they tell their foot to do such and such, such and such happens.  So, would it be helpful to the process if I smacked them upside the head every time it happened?  Kind of like Pavlov's dogs?  No?  Me either.  So, I will continue with the, "That's my foot," response.

This also reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom would always get so mad at us when we would step in front of her and slow down.  It was like her biggest pet peeve.  We would all be walking, and then my sister or I would step in front of her, and she would find herself having to stop or slow down.  I always thought she was crazy.  But now, after having kids of my own I finally understand!  It IS irritating!  I am walking along, and sure enough someone steps in front of me, and then they get distracted and slow down!  Sheesh!  Or, we are out of a walk, and one of the kids thinks they know where we are all going and tries to turn, but ends up just cutting me (and most times the stroller) off.  Not fun!  But considering the fact that I use to do this, and I don't do it any more gives me hope!  Someday my feet will be my own!