Thursday, August 9, 2012

Discovering Worms

Day 40

Apparently hunting for worms is nothing new.  This does not surprise me, but how we stumbled onto this is surprising.  In fact we would have never stumbled onto this if we were not washing dishes out side in tubs with a hose, one of the things I hate the most.

The kids' picnic table is outside.  I put three buckets on it, one to wash, one to rinse and one to sanitize.  Then next to those goes the dish drainer.  They never all fit in the dish drainer, mainly because I HATE washing the dishes, so I put it off as long as possible.  When I am going to the dirty dishes pile outside to find things in order to finish making dinner I know I can't put it off any longer.

I take the hose and spray water in all the tubs (or buckets, whatever) and then I put a bit of bleach in the last bucket.  Today I also needed to wash the trash cans.  So there was a lot of water spraying going on, and with the rain all day today the worms were coming out of the ground at an alarming rate.  In fact it reminded me a lot of Tremors.  Ever seen it?  The giant man eating worms come out of the ground and attack the little town in the middle of no where?  Crazy cool!

Of course my kids had no problem picking up the worms.  Which was a good thing because the minute I saw them I wanted them....IN MY GARDEN!  I have looked at all kinds of articles talking about worms and how good they are for gardens.  There are even websites that sell them.  Of course I am not going to pay the money for them, especially if i already have them.  But you never know if you have them, they are hiding in the dirt.  So I just hope I have them, until tonight!

I am not sure how we first spotted them, but I believe it was AJ.  I didn't think to grab the camera til after they had gotten most of them.  AJ would pick t hem off the ground and put them on the seat of the table.  Little Princess would take them from the table and put them in the garden beds.

You could tell the worms were coming by the water rippling.  It was so weird.  You would see the water start to move, and then a little worm head would poke it's head out of the grass.  

This is the smallest one we found.  Some of them were HUGE.  One of them was on it's way into a new hole in the ground when AJ grabbed hold of it and he almost lost it.  The worm was strong and fat!  But he got it!

Little Princess has NO problem touching worms, and this disturbs me.

See the little worm head?

AJ the Worm Wrestler.

AJ putting the worm on the table for Little Princess to collect.

AJ had a worm on his finger and started to drop it...

...and almost caught it.

Little Princess the Worm Whisper.

At least my son looks a bit disgusted.

That is one long worm.  Hopefully they do wonderful things for my garden!  Go little worms, be free!  I bless you!  May you prosper, and make my garden prosper!  :)
Thank you Lord for little blessings, even when I have to do my least favorite things.  Thanks for worms, gardens, and kids that like worms.

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