Monday, August 27, 2012

RV Toilet Paper

Day 58

This is what a roll of RV toilet paper looks after it has been sitting in a puddle in the bath tub.  It's my fault really, I should have put it on the roll, even though I wasn't the one to empty the previous roll.  Or maybe I should have made sure the bath tub was completely empty of bath water.  It's kind of tricky.  The camper is at an angle, and the drain is on the high end of the tub.  We rarely use the tub.  I have to fill it with water from the hose, which means I have to get the hose into the camper.  It's annoying.  To empty the tub completely I have to use my hand and continually push the water up towards the drain, over and over, until it is all gone.  If I want it dry, I have to finish the job with a towel.  AJ learned to do this job.  But true AJ style he didn't quite finish the job.  Little Princess set the toilet paper on the edge of the tub, and who knows who knocked it in.  Probably Little Dude.  He is good at that kind of thing.

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